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Ciprian Redinciuc | February 8th, 2019 |
first imrpession

It's easy to drive good talent away from your company and once a possible candidate starts to question your company culture and mission there's no way back. I actually rejected an offer to join a company once because their carpet at the front office desk had a funny smell - I simply couldn't imagine myself coming in day after day to that smell and I was even ashamed to tell them. No one likes change, and that was probably just my brain telling me that I am not yet ready to make a change as I declined to show up to a technical interview afterwards. This just comes to remind me how easily we can be influenced at times by a certain experience that we have during this hiring process.

This is why an applicant tracking system can play a huge role in making that margin for error as small as possible. It can be the difference between following up too late with a candidate or job seeker that in the meantime has accepted another offer and hiring him, it can make the interview scheduling easy for both parties and so on.

Here are some key points where an ATS can help you make a good impression on your candidates:

Automated email messages

A good applicant tracking system allows you to follow-up with an email in certain situations: when a job seeker applies to your position or when he moves through your hiring pipeline. Even if the candidate is disqualified, an automated reply with the reasons for that and areas that he should improve soon after the decision has been made can go a long way as 65% of the rejected candidates don't hear back from the employers. Being polite can go a long way.

Offer a good overview of the role that the candidate will have in your company

It often happens that job postings offer not enough information about the position that he applies for and the technologies that he will work with are so generic that they don't get him interested in the opportunity at all. Work with your team towards a job description that will catch the eye of possible candidates in an easy manner by using an applicant tracking software.

Let your company culture speak for itself

Offering a glimpse of your company culture to your possible candidate can enforce a sense of belonging if he or she sees it as a right fit for her. Your job board should make every opportunity like this count and let the company culture show by linking photo galleries or videos from different events. Explain how and why your company delivers value, what is its mission and try to connect on a different level with your candidates.

A job seeker's first impression of your company starts with your hiring process so don't let a human error get in the way of that by using an ATS.

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